The easy way to better blood sugar control

The election might be long over, but politics is still dominating the news... and probably your Facebook page.

Seems like everywhere you turn, someone is urging you to stand up for this, or stand up against that.

Most of those pleas are just empty cries for recognition on "social" media.

But if you have diabetes, there's one way you can take a stand that really matters -- and that's to take a stand for yourself!

This isn't a figure of speech.

You need to literally stand up -- right now, while you're reading this if you can -- and get on your feet, and keep at it throughout the day.

Standing and walking are two of the easiest ways to get control over diabetes, and new research shows how it's actually BETTER than more rigorous exercise when it comes to keeping your blood sugar levels down.

In the new study, older diabetes patients were allowed to try each of three different programs testing varying levels of daily activity.

In one of the programs, the volunteers were allowed to sit most of the day... as, let's face it, most folks do... except for an hour of standing and an hour of walking.

The second program, called "sit less," was something a little different. They did two hours of walking and three hours of standing, but it was scattered throughout the day. For example, they were asked to stand for a bit for every 30 minutes of sitting.

The final program was similar to what passes for "exercise" for many people. They spent much of the day sedentary, except for an hour riding on an exercise bike.

And if that's what you consider exercise, I've got news for you: That hour of furious pedaling is no better for you than simply standing up and moving throughout the day.

The folks who did the cycling and the ones in the "sit less" group had similar benefits. The "sit less" group actually had slightly BETTER blood sugar control than the folks who did the cycling!

They used less effort... but got better results.

My guess is they would have had the best results of all if they did a mix of the two programs by standing and walking throughout each day AND doing something a little more rigorous -- like that exercise bike -- several times a week.

But you've got to start somewhere, right?

Start with standing and walking. Then add a little more activity and eat a little better. Over time, you'll lose some weight and get more control over your blood sugar levels.

If you're really good about it... if you're really willing to put in some work... you may reach a point where your doc can help you cut back on your meds or even eliminate them altogether.

And it all starts by standing up for yourself.