Dangerous new push for daily aspirin

Let's call it a tale of two studies.

One claims aspirin is a miracle in a pill, and that EVERYONE over the age of 50 has to take the drug despite the very real risks... while the other finds the drug does absolutely NOTHING for the very people who supposedly need it most.

Which one do you think is getting more attention?

Of course, it's the first one -- never mind the fact that it isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

This thing wasn't a clinical trial, and it didn't involve real people.

It was a math exercise!

The study being used to push aspirin on millions of Americans is based on a computer simulation that makes assumptions on how many people could be helped or hurt by daily aspirin.

Even going by those wildly optimistic assumptions, the drug would prevent just 11 cases of heart disease and four cases of cancer in every 1,000 patients taking it.

But of those same 1,000 people, more than 30 would suffer dangerous bleeding in the stomach. Others would suffer bleeding in the brain, but the study conveniently ignores that risk altogether.

All that bleeding isn't just dangerous.

It can be DEADLY, which is why even the FDA has refused to recommend aspirin for primary prevention.

The second study shows why, and this one wasn't a math exercise cranked out by a computer.

It was a real-world study of more than 2,000 older diabetics -- exactly the kind of patients recklessly pushed onto aspirin therapy -- and it found absolutely no benefit.

There were no real differences in the rate of heart problems, death from heart problems or stroke.

The only difference came in the risks. As expected, folks who took aspirin suffered bleeding problems at double the rate of those who didn't, with one out of every 40 patients on aspirin battling bleeds.

Put the two studies together, and it becomes very clear that the FDA (for once) got it right: No one should take aspirin for primary prevention.

But EVERYONE should do something.

The best way to protect your heart is much safer than aspirin -- and it tastes a whole lot better, too. Switch to a healthy Mediterranean diet modified to limit grains for more protection than you'll ever get from a pill.

This healthy lifestyle contains many of the foods you already love, and even allows for a little chocolate and the occasional glass of wine.

More importantly, it's proven to cut the risk of major cardiovascular events by a third and the risk of stroke.

The only bleeding will be in the Big Pharma profit margin -- because you won't need to buy any of their meds.