CDC's last, desperate push for flu shots

The word is out!

The latest numbers show Americans have grown wise to the biggest annual scam -- and it's not a fake charity, credit card shakedown, or mortgage scheme.

As bad as those are, they PALE in comparison to a government-sanctioned fraud pushed on the masses every year.

It's the FLU SHOT!

Americans are downright sick of being swindled by a shot that does little to nothing to cut their risk of getting sick.

As a result, the new stats from the CDC show this year's vaccine is being roundly rejected, with the vast majority of the nation REFUSING to get the shot.

Just 40 percent of Americans have been vaccinated.

Naturally, the powers that be are just plain livid.

They're issuing the usual dire warnings over how the flu season could "get bad" at any moment... and if they don't get the shot RIGHT NOW, millions of Americans could get sick, end up hospitalized, or even DIE.

What they WON'T tell you is that even if the first part of that warning turns out to be true and the season takes a turn for the worse, you can't depend on the shot to offer any real protection.

The CDC admits the flu shot doesn't protect everyone, but they claim it's 60 percent effective. That sounds good -- until you see the REAL numbers.

Your risk is already pretty low at about 2.7 percent in an average year, even without getting vaccinated. Cutting it by 60 percent means the "absolute" protection is around 1.6 percent -- and the level in seniors is even lower.

If you get the shot anyway, "just to be safe," you could be in for a nasty surprise: studies show it can actually lead to WORSE cases of flu when you do get sick. One study even found the folks most likely to get sick with swine flu a few years back were the ones who dutifully got vaccinated every year.

But just because the shot doesn't work doesn't mean you have to roll the dice and take your chances against this virus.

There's a safe and easy way to keep healthy this season and every flu season -- a system I've developed that works so well I use it myself.

And despite being exposed to winter germs nearly every day here in my clinic this time of year, I almost never get sick!

Start with 600 mg per day of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) during flu season, which has been shown to prevent illness even if you've been directly exposed to the virus.

If you happen to get sick anyway, boost your intake to 2,000 to 3,000 mg per day to cut both the duration and severity of your illness.