How to defuse that bomb in your belly

Gas, bloating, the occasional stomach pain, and even diarrhea are pretty much a given when it comes to modern living.

Most folks battle those conditions so often they consider them to be normal!

They've forgotten what it feels like when the digestive process is working right, and maybe some folks never even knew what it felt like in the first place.

It's time to find out what you're missing: New research shows how a simple probiotic supplement is so effective at restoring balance to the belly that even people who THINK they're healthy can FEEL the difference.

Those are the folks who took part in this study -- folks perhaps just like you, who have a little gas, bloating, and maybe even some pain from time to time.

Like most folks, they don't think much of it.

"Must've been something I ate," right?

Well, it may not have been something you ate after all -- it could be that what you ate wasn't digested properly because of poor bacterial balance in the belly.

Probiotic supplements can give them the reinforcements they need to do the job right. In the new study, once the folks started taking them, all those tummy troubles started to fade.

Some of them said issues like gas and bloating completely vanished!

As a result, by the end of the study, the folks who took the supplement reported a boost in the overall quality of life.

The changes didn't happen overnight. Rather, they took place slowly -- so that by the end of the six-week study, their scores on tests measuring belly issues were still continuing to rise.

If the study had gone on longer, odds are those scores would have gotten even better.

These folks didn't just take a single probiotic or a supplement with two or three strains. They got a wide range of healthy bacteria, including some of the human-tested strains I recommend to my own patients: Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

That's what these bacteria can do for healthy people. But if you do happen to get sick, they can do even more.

Probiotic bacteria can take action when you're fighting an infection, boosting your immune function and overwhelming and killing off any bad bugs trying to make you sick.

In some cases, they're even better than antibiotics at wiping out certain bacteria, especially the ones growing resistant to many drugs.

Again, if you wait until you're sick, you won't get the full protection.

So, get started today -- because taking a probiotic supplement when you're healthy can help make sure you stay that way in the future.