Is this common drug making you deaf?

I'm sure you've heard of "blinding pain," and it's not always a figure of speech.

Sometimes, you can be in so much agony that you really can't see right!

No one ever talks about "deafening pain," but maybe we should -- because dealing with pain can cause a loss of hearing, too.

But it's not from the pain itself -- it's the drugs used to treat it!

The latest research confirms that common painkillers can damage hearing in women.

And while "blinding pain" is temporary, the "deafening pain" could be permanent.

The new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, which focused on older women, found that regular use of any number of painkillers can wreck your ears.

The biggest risk goes to women who take NSAIDs such as ibuprofen (a.k.a. Advil and Motrin) or other drugs such as acetaminophen (a.k.a. Tylenol) regularly for at least six years.

The longer you take those meds, the higher the risk -- and given how many folks routinely use these drugs, that adds up to A LOT of women living with these permanent side effects.

The researchers say their math shows that one in six of all cases of hearing loss in women may be the result of painkillers.

That's practically an epidemic, especially when you consider that a third of all seniors -- including half of everyone over the age of 75 -- is battling at least some degree of hearing loss.

Guys, don't think you're out of the woods on this one -- because there's also evidence linking painkillers to hearing loss in men.

The new study finds aspirin won't cause hearing loss, but I wouldn't take too much comfort in that.

Even if aspirin will leave you with perfect hearing, taking it routinely for pain can lead to serious bleeding problems in your gut and even your brain.

You don't have to face those risks.

There are safer ways to battle life's daily aches, including natural therapies such as MSM, collagen, curcumin, cold laser, and acupuncture.

It's not just painkillers, by the way.

Many other common drugs can also damage hearing in men and women alike, including cancer drugs, diuretics, and even some antibiotics. And guys, common meds used for sex problems can also rob you of your hearing (and vision, too).

Like painkillers, many of those drugs aren't needed. So, work with a holistic medical doctor who can help preserve both your health and your hearing with safe natural therapies instead of dangerous meds.