Stop kidney disease without drugs!

An apple a day might keep the doctor away... but if you want to keep the specialist away, you'll need a couple more.

Try THREE apples!

Yes, my friend, it really can be that simple -- and new research shows how that's true even if you're struggling with a deadly disease that needs the care of a specialist.

All it takes is three extra servings of fruit and/or vegetables per day, and you can keep the nephrologist away.

That's the doctor who specializes in your kidneys, and he's been plenty busy lately. Nearly EVERY senior has at least some decline in kidney function, and millions are suffering from kidney disease.

The condition is so common that it's now one of the nation's Top 10 killers!

But a little extra fresh produce can keep it in check in a major way.

In fact, it's so powerful that those three servings per day are as effective as medication!

You read that right -- as good as drugs, but for a fraction of the price and without the side effects.

One of the jobs of the kidneys is to remove acid from your body. When you have kidney disease, however, those acids can build up, leading to metabolic acidosis.

Most fruit and vegetables, however, are naturally alkaline.

They can actually step in when your kidneys can't do the job and help neutralize the acid.

The result?

Folks in the study ordered to eat three extra servings of produce per day needed HALF the medication of those who weren't given those instructions. They had better kidney function, lower blood pressure and even lost some weight, too.

This wasn't a short-term study, either.

This has been going on for five years, leading to a savings of $70,000 per patient in drug costs.

Most of that money, of course, is paid by insurance. But it still means fewer copays for you. More importantly, fewer meds means fewer risks and side effects.

What's especially remarkable about this study is that these weren't folks in the earliest stages of kidney disease, where it might be easiest to manage.

They were pretty advanced, suffering from Stage III, which is when the kidneys are really struggling. It's when it moves on to Stage IV that you have to start to worry about kidney failure.

Not all fruits and vegetables are high-alkaline. Some, like blackberries and tomatoes, are actually acidic.

You can get a full list by searching Google, but some of the best fruits and vegetables for neutralizing acid include pears, carrots, cucumbers, melons, figs, artichokes, and avocado.

And, of course, those apples are always a great option.

Eating a diet rich in fresh produce will also give you plenty of fiber -- and I'll have more on how that can fight off one of the most painful conditions around later today.

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