If you want to beat aging... think zinc!

Bum knees. Bags under your eyes. Gray hair. And who knows what that weird lump is.

Yes, friend, you can look and feel every minute of your age -- and then some.

But the REAL toll of time is completely invisible. It's the wear-and-tear you CAN'T see or feel that plays a much bigger role on your health.

As you age, your DNA practically unwinds -- like when you pull a thread on your sweater and pretty soon the whole lousy thing starts coming apart.

Now, the latest research shows a way to STOP that thread from coming loose, LIMIT the wear and tear inside your body, and PROTECT you from the toll of aging.

And you're going to love this one, because it turns out the secret to healthy aging is locked in a simple mineral that's easy to get.

It's zinc!

The new study finds that just 4 mg per day of zinc in addition to your normal intake can stop the breaks in your DNA that cause it to unwind.

Even more amazingly, it works in just six weeks!

Over that short space of time, folks given just a little extra zinc got a boost in their level of proteins that work to repair DNA as well as the proteins that fight both oxidative stress and inflammation.

That, in turn, can help slash your risk of everything from chronic disease to constant pain.

There's a flaw in this study, and it's a doozy: The folks behind it are pushing "biofortified" crops, or crops specially grown to have high levels of minerals.

In this case, it's "zinc rice" and "zinc wheat."

Sounds like Frankenfood to me! Besides, with or without zinc, you really shouldn't be eating rice or wheat anyway.

But you SHOULD be eating plenty of foods rich in this essential mineral.

The best sources of zinc are beef and lamb, but both are also loaded with saturated fat... so neither are great options for everyday eating.

You're better off getting zinc from nuts, seeds, and veggies like spinach and peas. The amounts are lower, but you shouldn't have any trouble getting what you need if you eat these foods at every meal and take a decent multivitamin each day.

Don't take a supplement unless you know you're falling short -- and the only way to know for sure is to get tested.

If you're concerned about your zinc levels (and if you've been eating a mainstream diet, you probably should be) tell your doc you want to get checked.