Eggs-ellent news on Alzheimer's protection

It's one of the diseases seniors fear most, because Alzheimer's disease isn't like anything else.

You can live a long time with conditions like cancer and heart disease.

If you play your cards right, you might not be any worse for the wear, either, despite those conditions.

But Alzheimer's is a different beast, because once the ball starts rolling, you could slowly lose everything: your memories, your personality, and your mind.

It's downright terrifying.

There's no drug that can cut the risk, but today I've got something even better as new research cracks one of the keys to brain health, revealing how you might be able to avoid this disease completely.

And it starts... with a delicious breakfast!

I know that sounds hard to believe. But what you eat plays a key role in your overall health, including your brain health.

Now, the new study shows how one food in particular is like a magic elixir for the mind.

Eggs can actually help your memory get STRONGER, even as you get OLDER.

In this one, researchers were trying to look at the connection between cholesterol in the diet and the risk of developing dementia over the years.

Turns out, there isn't one.

Eating more cholesterol won't increase your risk of cognitive decline, dementia, or heart disease.

But then, the study went even further.

It also found that one often-villainized source of cholesterol not only won't increase your risk... it might actually help reduce it.

People who eat eggs every day actually did BETTER on tests of cognitive performance, when compared to other folks.

They did especially well on tests of executive function (or, the ability to plan and carry out those plans).

That's one of the earliest functions to slip when you have Alzheimer's disease. In fact, loss of executive function often starts BEFORE Alzheimer's is even diagnosed.

But an egg a day may be able to keep that loss of executive function away.

The study also confirms what we've seen before: Despite being high in cholesterol, eggs won't raise the levels of cholesterol in your blood.

In other words, if you gave up eggs because of all the bad publicity they've had over the years, it's time to put them back on the menu.

They're not just rich in the brain-boosting nutrient choline.

They're also a healthy source of protein -- and so filling that eggs for breakfast can actually shut down the "hunger hormones" that start pestering you for a snack later in the morning.

Just be sure to shell out a little extra for organic eggs, which contain a better fat balance and higher levels of essential minerals and other nutrients, including vitamin D.