Don’t lose your nerve when it comes to your prostate

Guys, when it comes to prostate cancer, there's one thing you really need to watch out for.

And it's NOT the disease itself!

Turns out your own anxiety could hurt you more than the cancer ever will, as new research reveals how too much angst over the disease could lead to a treatment you never needed.

It doesn't matter that the early-stage tumors are rarely dangerous.

It doesn't even matter that multiple studies back the "watch-and-wait" approach as both safe and effective.

It doesn't even matter that treatment packs lasting and even permanent side effects such as impotence, incontinence, and more.

Once uncertainty rears its ugly head and a guy gets anxious over the disease, he starts to panic.

And panic, we all know, leads to terrible decisions.

As a result, the study of more than 1,500 men with localized prostate cancer finds the higher your anxiety levels, the more likely you'll let yourself get rushed into a treatment you never really needed, such as surgery and/or radiation.

It's easy to blame the guys here.

But it's not really their fault.

This is where your doctor is supposed to step in and offer some reassurance.

A good doctor will let you know the score. He'll reassure you that you've got little to worry about -- and that active surveillance is a safe, reasonable option backed by years of solid research.

But not every doctor is a good doctor, and urologists in particular -- the ones who profit off needless surgeries -- have become experts in making patients nervous.

Many of them won't come right out and push surgery and other treatments for early-stage cancers anymore.

They know that's too obvious, especially these days with so much information out there about the benefits of the watch-and-wait approach.

So, they instead play up the uncertainties.

"Sure, surveillance is a terrific approach for many men," they'll admit. Then, in almost a stage whisper: "The problem is we still don't know who it helps most -- because we don't know which tumors will suddenly become more aggressive."

Once they plant that seed of doubt, many men opt for surgery.

Most of them don't know studies show that even if the tumor suddenly turns more aggressive, it'll be caught in plenty of time for treatment with the watch-and-wait approach.

They don't know it... because they're NEVER told!

So, don't let anxiety cloud your decision.

It's time to slow down, get more opinions and information, and make a careful decision about which treatment is best for you... including the very real possibility that the BEST treatment could be NO treatment at all.