Thyroid 'cancer' ISN’T always cancer

Watch out!

Docs have been pushing a new "thyroid awareness" scam -- and it's one that could mess up your body's hormone production for the rest of your life.

Reports across the media are warning Americans to look for the early-warning signs of thyroid cancer.

The "experts" are even urging folks to drink a glass of water while looking in the mirror, tipping your head back a little and watching for signs of lumps and bumps (just don't be alarmed if you spot the Adam's apple).

Now, there's nothing wrong with that.

These lumps and bumps CAN be a sign of something wrong... and, sometimes, they DO need attention.

But that's not what these doctors are all about.

Thyroid cancer has become the latest mainstream moneymaking scam. If you or your specialist spots a lump, they'll want to pluck it out ASAP -- and most patients are happy to let them do it.

After all, "thyroid cancer" certainly sounds scary.

It's not as bad as it sounds.

TRUE cases of thyroid cancer of course need treatment, but studies increasingly show that most of the "tumors" and "nodules" detected these days are harmless.

One study last year in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine found that up to 80 percent of cases of "thyroid cancer" are over-diagnoses, especially in women.

According to mainstream guidelines, many of those cases shouldn't have been called "cancer" at all -- and they didn't always need treatment, either.

So, the "cancers" are mostly harmless... but the treatments are another story.

The thyroid produces essential hormones needed for energy. You need it for heart, muscle, and even just your basic metabolism.

Once your thyroid is gone, it's gone.

You don't have those hormones anymore, so you'll need to take medication
-- and deal with the side effects -- for the rest of your life.

That's why if you spot something wrong with your thyroid, it's important to be careful and get multiple opinions.

In many cases, you may not need aggressive treatment at all.

If there's a lump that needs to come out, the best option is often a simple procedure to remove what's known as the "capsule" -- a pack of fibrous tissue in the thyroid that can look like cancer -- while leaving most of the thyroid completely intact.

Ironically, the same docs over-treating thyroid "cancer" are ignoring another far more common problem -- and that's a thyroid so overworked that it's practically burning out.

If you find you have problems with energy, and seem to gain weight for no reason, speak to a holistic medical doctor about natural options for thyroid support.

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