Your TRUE risk of heart failure

Don't have heart failure? Don't rest too easy.

We might be making a lot of progress in the fight against killer diseases, helping the folks who have them to live longer and better than ever.

Even cancer is no longer the killer it was back when folks wouldn't even say the "c word" aloud out of fear.

But heart failure is another story.

It's NOT getting better -- and, in many ways, it's getting WORSE!

Two new studies show what we're up against, and it's not a pretty picture -- because this disease is about to reach epidemic proportions.

The first study finds the number of heart failure cases are rapidly growing, jumping by 800,000 over the past five years -- and by 2030, that number's expected to shoot up by another 46 percent.

That means plenty of new patients will be learning they have heart failure. And they're also going to learn something else: There's not a lot that mainstream medicine can do to help.

The second study finds the survival rate for heart failure hasn't changed in nearly two decades!

Since 1998, 80 percent of folks diagnosed with this disease have made it through their first year.

But by the second year, nearly half are dead. And within 10 years, less than 30 percent of heart failure patients are still alive.

In other words, the "latest and greatest" treatments haven't done a thing to improve survival.

That's some pretty grim news... for most folks.

It's grim for them because they don't know what they're up against.

But not you.

You've got me in your corner, and I've got three common-sense steps you can take right now that will practically guarantee that you never develop heart failure or face the risks that come with it.

STEP 1: Quit the sandwiches. The chemicals and preservatives in lunchmeats are so deadly that just two and a half ounces per day -- roughly five slices of ham -- will increase your risk of heart failure by 28 percent.

STEP 2: Say goodbye to sugar. The sweet stuff isn't so sweet for your ticker, and the most common source of sugar -- soda -- can lead to heart failure. Just two glasses per day will boost the risk by 23 percent.

STEP 3: Get moving. You don't need to join a gym. Just get out and on your feet each day, because 60 minutes of moderate activity -- even a brisk walk -- will cut the risk of heart failure almost in half.

If you already have heart failure, it's not too late -- because coenzyme Q10 supplements can improve the flow of blood to the heart, and vitamin D will help improve the flow pumping out.

Combine those nutrients with the same steps above that could have helped prevent heart failure in the first place, and you can beat the statistics and survive this disease.