A grape way to fight Alzheimer’s

You never know where the next great "medical miracle" will come from -- because sometimes, the CURES for today's most tragic diseases are found in the humblest of places.

Take the latest research on Alzheimer's disease, one of the most devastating conditions facing older Americans.

The drug industry has spent billions trying to cook up a cure; and so far, they've come up empty.

But a new study finds one incredibly simple way to block this disease, especially if you start early: All you have to do is stock up on grapes.

Make them your daily snack, because over six months they can actually STOP the earliest damage of Alzheimer's in the brain itself and even ENHANCE certain parts of your cognitive function.

The new study finds that grapes -- yes, plain old grapes -- can block the metabolic decline that slams the brain as the disease starts to take hold.

Good? Hold on, because this gets even BETTER. Those same grapes also can BOOST other parts of the brain affected by the disease.

The study included a placebo, but the folks who took it didn't see any improvement. Just the opposite: Their gray matter practically melted away, according to scans.

Now, it's one thing to see changes on bunch of brain scans, but it's quite another to see improvements out in the real world.

Once again, it's grapes to the rescue.

The folks who got the supplements had boosts in both attention and that all-important working memory so essential to your overall cognitive function.

Obviously, we need to see more research before we get too excited over this. But the early word is clearly encouraging -- even exciting.

And if you're at risk, there's no harm in boosting your intake of these great grape nutrients.

The jury might still be out on their brain benefits, but we know they can help protect the heart, improve circulation, and fight the damage of oxidative stress.

The only downside to the new study is that you've got to eat A LOT of grapes to see these results, as the amounts used were equal to 2.5 cups per day, or nearly a pound of grapes daily.

That's a lot for anyone, so the study actually used a powdered form to make it easier -- but there were no magic ingredients.

It was literally powdered grape.

You can find similar supplements easily yourself, or you can consider an antioxidant blend that combines the best of the nutrients found in grapes -- including age-fighting resveratrol -- with other essential vitamins.