New scam takes the “fish” out of “fish oil”

Watch out, folks!

Always read EVERY ingredient panel carefully, and not just when it comes to your food.

Keep an eye on your vitamins, too!

Omega-3 fatty acids are now among the best-selling supplements in the country and in many places around the world... and it's great that so many people are taking such an active interest in their health.

But it's about to become a victim of its own success.

An alarming new report finds that there are literally not enough fish in the sea to meet the expected demand for fish oil supplements -- so they're going to start cooking up omega-3 supplements from OTHER sources.

And they're turning to a terrifying "FRANKEN-FOOD."

Farmers are right now being paid big money to plant millions of acres of a special form of canola that's genetically modified to have high omega-3 content.

And if all goes to plan, this bogus fatty acid with unknown consequences could soon dominate the market.

Reuters reports that industrial agricultural conglomerate Cargill is paying Montana farmers to convert half a million acres over to this GMO canola.

That's EIGHT TIMES the amount of canola currently produced in the state!

It's so much canola that the company believes the coming Montana supply alone could produce 159,000 tons of oil -- or the equivalent of one-fifth of the entire global fish oil market right now.

And that's just one company.

Dow Chemical is also creating its own canola for omega-3 fatty acids, which it plans to grow in Canada.

You can bet others will want on in this act, too, and it's going to transform the supplement aisle in ways that may not be obvious.

Will shoppers really notice if more omega-3 supplements DON'T have the words "fish oil" listed on the front?

Probably not.

The key here is to be a smart consumer and read those labels carefully to make sure your omega-3s are coming from honest-to-goodness fish and not some genetically modified monstrosity.

And since you already have your reading glasses out, check the labels for something else, too... because while you want your omega-3s to come from fish oil, not all fish oil is omega-3.

Some of them promise "1,000 MG OF FISH OIL" on the front -- but if you flip it over to the back, you'll see very low levels of the omega-3 fatty acids you're looking for.

So, read the labels closely, and make sure it contains high levels specifically of DHA and EPA.

And be sure to check the serving size, as some will require that you swallow more than one capsule to get the amounts on the label.