Stop SILENT kidney damage

Somewhere in your body, something could be going wrong... maybe even BADLY wrong... and you may not notice a thing until it's too late.

Don't worry; I'm not here to alarm you.

I'm here to STOP that silent damage BEFORE it turns deadly -- and the latest research shows one important step you can take right now to protect your kidneys from this hidden threat.

It's not something you SHOULD do.

In this case, it's just the opposite: It's something you SHOULDN'T do!

Millions of Americans are popping pills to get through dinner. They're taking proton pump inhibitors to block reflux and heartburn.

But the new study shows how that acid protection comes with a terrible price, wrecking your kidneys so slowly that you won't even have a hint that something's wrong.

Not at first.

One day, you're enjoying dinner and maybe even bragging about how your once-terrible reflux is now completely under control.

The next, your doc is using a frightening series of words.

Kidney damage. Kidney disease. Kidney FAILURE.

And neither of you spotted any of the warning signs... because the new study shows there weren't any! HALF of all cases of chronic kidney damage and end-stage kidney disease in PPI users come with zero symptoms, according to the study.

The study also confirms that these drugs can cause other damage to the kidneys, with 1 in 5 long-term users facing at least some form of kidney injury.

But at least you can usually recover from that.

Chronic kidney disease and end-stage kidney disease are another story. It's one of the nation's Top 10 killers -- and even if it doesn't END your life, it could very well RUIN it.

You could end up on dialysis, and may even need a kidney transplant... if you're lucky enough to get one.

That's not the only risk of these drugs, either. A study just last year found they can age your arteries, making it easier for blockages to form.

They're also known to interfere with digestion, block the absorption of essential nutrients such as magnesium and kill off the good bacteria in your gut -- allowing bad ones, including nasty germs like C. diff, to take hold and make you sick.

There's a much better solution. It's not as quick as popping a pill, but it's far more effective and much safer... and that's to learn the triggers behind your reflux.

Sometimes it's obvious and you need the discipline to give up something like
-- for example -- wine, which is a common trigger.

Others aren't as obvious and could be caused by chemical additives hidden in food.

If you keep a food diary, you can spot the patterns and learn to avoid your triggers. Or, you can ask a holistic medical doctor to run some tests that will help identify your food sensitivities.