The heart risk factor your doc will never mention

This just might be the single biggest risk factor for death in heart patients -- and it's not any of the things you're thinking of right now.

It's not your age... the form of heart disease you have... or a complicating condition like diabetes.

It's not even smoking.

As big as those are -- and smoking is a HUGE risk factor -- there's something that's an even bigger indicator of your odds of death.

It's your mood!

Heart patients are twice as likely to suffer from depression as everyone else.

Maybe it's from the meds and other treatments. Maybe it's knowing they're in poor health. Maybe it's a little of both.

Whatever the reason, the new study of 24,000 heart patients finds that depression plays a huge role in survival rates.

And if you're depressed and living with a heart condition, you're facing DOUBLE the risk of death.

The researchers claim they're not sure why depression seems to be so deadly in heart patients. They think maybe folks suffering from mood problems are less likely to follow orders and take their meds.

Isn't that ironic? Some of those meds might actually be causing the depression, yet NOT taking them is getting the blame!

The more likely story here is that depression isn't simply a "mental" problem as most people assume.

It leads to real inflammation, throughout the body.

Inflammation can have a devastating effect on your health in the best of times. In heart patients, extra inflammation can be deadly, as the new study shows all too well.

The researchers, of course, are calling for the usual mainstream answers.

They want docs to constantly screen heart patients for depression, and quickly "treat" those who show the warning signs.

That would be a terrific idea if doctors actually provided useful treatments.

In most cases, however, all they offer is drugs -- a tragedy when you consider that some antidepressants are actually known to INCREASE the risk of heart disease!

Even worse, many of them don't work or don't work well, and some are especially ineffective in heart patients.

High-dose fish oil is often a highly effective mood booster AND inflammation-fighter -- and it's not only safe for the heart, it can protect your ticker so well that many mainstream doctors now recommend omega-3 supplements for heart patients.

It's perfectly safe, even in higher doses; but since fish oil can thin the blood, be sure to speak with a doctor first.

I'll have another option for depression coming up later today -- and it's a treatment that's safe, natural and delicious.

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