This easy step can stop arthritis from getting worse

"Is this it? I can handle this!"

When arthritis first comes on, it might not seem too bad. Sure, there's some pain... and, of course, it's not exactly comfortable.

But early on, it's often so mild that most folks are tempted to think it's no big deal.

They have no idea what they're in for!

Ladies, if you're in that boat... if your arthritis has kicked in but isn't too bad yet... you need to do two things.

First, be sure to say a prayer of thanks tonight because you've been given a tremendous gift. You've been given time to stop it from getting worse.

And second, get to work -- because the latest research reveals something you can do to stop that pain cold and even turn it around.

It's not a drug, and it won't cost you a dime, but it will take just 25 minutes per day.

This one simple trick can do something incredible: According to the new study, it can actually REVERSE the damage inside your knees!

A daily walk or engaging in some other activity that gets you on your feet can stimulate the flow of something in your knees called glycosaminoglycan.

That's essentially "oil" for you joint, because it acts as a lubricant inside the knee to help keep the cartilage healthy.

In the earliest stages of osteoarthritis, it's as if there's an oil leak... and glycosaminoglycan levels plummet as a result.

But the new study shows how three hours per week -- 25 minutes a day -- of brisk walking or "Nordic walking" (essentially, brisk walking with ski poles) can keep your levels of glycosaminoglycan higher.

When those levels remain high, you have more lubrication... and more lubrication means less damage and better overall health in the cartilage.

If you can stop your arthritis at this stage, you might never face the higher levels of pain and notorious loss of function that often mark the more advanced forms of the disease.

"I can handle this!" won't just be optimism. It'll be your reality.

The new study was on older women, but there's no doubt this approach can help many men as well.

And if you want an even better shot at success, give your knees the one thing they need to restore that decaying cartilage.

Collagen supplements can help keep the cushion inside your knee from crumbling. One potent form called UC-II has gone up against glucosamine and chondroitin in studies and come ahead by nearly every important measure including both pain and physical function.

For best results, look for a formula that combines UC-II with proven natural pain-fighting anti-inflammatory compounds such as MSM and curcumin.