Cream cheese... causes breast cancer???

Ladies, you've been told it's not just important to your health. As you get older, it's CRITICAL to your bone.

Dairy, your doc will insist, is an absolute must at this age.

All I can say is: Wipe away that milk mustache and put the freeze on cheese! Because the latest research shows how too much DAIRY can be downright SCARY.

It can lead to breast cancer!

The new study finds women who have the highest overall dairy intake have a higher risk of this deadly disease, with the biggest risk linked to cheese.

American, cheddar, and cream cheese -- not coincidentally the three most popular cheeses -- will increase your risk of breast cancer by 53 percent.

The study doesn't look at the reason, but there are probably two key factors at work here.

First, too much dairy isn't very good for the waistline, and those three cheeses in particular are usually an indication of a diet that's less than ideal.

Can you think of many healthy dishes that involve ORANGE cheese?

Me neither.

So, eating a lot of cheese -- especially processed cheese -- often leads to weight gain, which increases the risk of multiple cancers, including breast cancer.

But there's also another reason -- one we can more directly blame on the dairy.

Cow's milk is loaded with insulin growth factor 1, a.k.a. IGF-1, which, as the name implies, is essential for growth.

In this case, it's designed for the growth of COWS.

In humans, IGF-1 can increase the risk of cancers of the breast, lung, and prostate.

There's one exception to this, and that's the one form of dairy I've been known to eat myself: yogurt. It can actually CUT the risk of breast cancer by nearly a third.

Yogurt is rich in healthy bacteria. It's also fermented, which often removes many of the compounds that make other dairy products so bad for you.

The rest of the dairy family, however, isn't nearly as good as advertised -- and even when it doesn't increase your risk of cancer, it can lead to other problems.

One study a few years back found milk doesn't even deliver on its most basic promise of stronger, healthier bone. Women who drink three glasses a day have a HIGHER risk of bone breaks and even death.

And, of course, milk and other dairy problems can lead to other issues that are less serious, but aren't exactly pleasant. Many folks have sensitivities to milk, leading to gas, bloating, and other digestive troubles.

You'd be surprised at how many people suffer from these and other gut problems and never realize it's being caused by dairy.

If you haven't tried going dairy-free yourself yet, give it a shot and see how you feel.

You might be surprised by the difference.