One of the nation's top killers... CURED!

It's the epidemic you've never heard of... a leading killer your own doctor won't warn you about.

If sepsis were its own cause of death, it would NUMBER THREE in the nation, behind only heart disease and cancer.

But because sepsis is the result of an immune system breakdown during a fight with an infection, the CDC considers it a "complication" rather than a cause.

As a result, the 258,000 Americans who die of this condition every year are hidden in the statistics.

But an incredible new breakthrough could change that forever, bringing the death rate down dramatically and turning this deadly "complication" into something that can be treated quickly and effectively.

The answer... is vitamin C!

This simple, safe, and inexpensive therapy is proving that it can do what expensive drugs can't: STOP sepsis and SAVE lives.

Doctors at the Eastern Virginia Medical School treated 47 sepsis patients with a blend of intravenous vitamin C along with thiamine (a.k.a. vitamin B1) and low doses of the steroid hydrocortisone.

Another 47 patients were given the standard hospital treatments.

Just ONE of the patients on the vitamin C blend died, compared to 19 of the patients on standard treatments.

That's a 40 percent death rate -- which, unfortunately, is pretty much what doctors expect in sepsis -- from mainstream treatments, versus a death rate of about 2 percent from vitamin C.

What's more, the researchers say they've now treated about 150 patients with vitamin C and have had only one death from sepsis (although a few others died from other conditions).

Even more incredibly, three patients with sudden and severe "fulminant sepsis" -- patients the doctors say were "almost certainly destined to die" -- made a quick and complete recovery after being given intravenous vitamin C.

The might seem like a miracle -- but that's what I would expect to see in these cases.

One of the hallmarks of sepsis is that vitamin C levels plunge sharply, which is a sure sign the immune system is using up everything it has.

It only makes sense to give it some reinforcements.

Oral C can't raise blood levels quickly. But intravenous C can, as the doctors behind the new study published in the journal Chest have discovered.

Their hospital system, the Eastern Virginia Medical School, was so stunned by the results that they've made the vitamin C protocol a standard part of their treatments for sepsis.

I predict this will eventually become the standard treatment for sepsis everywhere.

But it takes years to change standard practice... so if you or a loved on ever find yourselves in a desperate battle with sepsis, be sure to ask about intravenous C.