STOP hidden heart damage with this nutrient

Everyone knows the OBVIOUS risk factors for heart problems.

There's the toll that junk food and obesity take on your body... a sluggish metabolism caused by lack of movement... bad habits like smoking or drinking to excess... and so on.

But there are OTHER factors that are much less obvious.

I try to draw attention to them because many people who THINK they're healthy don't realize how they could be unwittingly exposing themselves to risk every day.

And one of those hidden risks is in the very air you breathe!

If you live in or around a major city, there's really no such thing as truly "fresh" air, even if the skies are blue and there's no industrial smell creeping into your nose.

There are pollutants... and lots of them, hiding in plain sight because they're much too small to see.

You CAN'T stop breathing, but new research shows something you CAN do to stop the damage caused by the dangerous particles floating all around you.

Take B vitamins!

The new study finds these essential nutrients can literally REVERSE the damage caused by ambient PM2.5, which is the result of burning fuel and one of the nation's most common air pollutants.

If you live in a place with cars... trucks... a power plant... or a factory, you've got it in your own air, and once inside the body this particle is known to alter the heart rate and damage immune system function.

But not if you take a B supplement.

The new study finds that in otherwise healthy adults, B vitamins can undo the damage caused by ambient PM2.5 on nearly every level.

And it works within just four weeks.

In the study, volunteers were put through multiple experiments where everyone was given a placebo for a month, exposed to pollution and tested... and then given B vitamins for a month, exposed to pollution and tested again.

Compared to the placebo, the B vitamins cut the effects of pollution on heart rate by 150 percent.

It also shored up the immune system, boosting total white blood count by 139 percent and lymphocyte count by 106 percent.

If you live in a city or suburb... or near a power plant or factory... you might want to start shopping for a quality B complex, especially if you're at risk for heart disease.

Even if you don't, you may want to add one to your regimen -- especially if you're a little older, as B vitamins can also slash inflammation, protect the brain and cut the risk of heart problems in seniors.