Poor sleep can lead to thinner bone

It's bad for your heart... bad for your brain... and new research shows it's literally "bad to the bone."

If you have lousy sleep habits, your bones could be slowly crumbling right inside your body, right now!

Guys, don't hit the snooze button on this one.

I know bone risk SOUNDS like something YOU don't have to worry about. Most studies on bone health focus on women, who face a higher risk of bone-thinning conditions such as osteoporosis.

But this new one looked at MEN.

And if you're not getting the sleep you need -- whether it's not enough sleep, or sleeping at all the wrong times -- you could be setting the stage for a devastating bone break.

The study looked at just a small group of men. Some of them were younger and in their 20s... while some were older, in their 50s and 60s.

In the end, it didn't matter much: Bone growth seemed to slow at EVERY age, WHENEVER sleep was cut short.

And after just three weeks of forced sleeping problems, the men in the study were showing some pretty dangerous warning signs.

Your bones are constantly rebuilding themselves. Little bits break off in a process called resorption, and new bone is formed.

But in the study, as men missed out on sleep, their levels of the marker of resorption held steady while their levels of a marker of bone formation dropped.

In plain talk, the same amount of old bone was being lost... but less new bone was being made.

And that's after just three weeks of bad sleep habits. Many people suffer for months -- even years -- at a time, and they could be facing serious bone risk because of it.

The researchers hope to look at women next to see if there's a similar risk. I wouldn't be surprised if there is.

About half of all cases of osteoporosis in men and women alike don't have obvious explanations, such as the hormonal changes that strike after menopause.

If the new study's any indication, sleep problems could help explain at least some of those "unexplained" cases.

But bone health doesn't stop when you wake up after even a perfect night of sleep.

You also need to give your bones the nutrients they need to stay strong. That means calcium, of course, but calcium is practically worthless by itself. It needs both vitamin D and magnesium to do its job -- so, make sure you're getting the right levels of all three.

In addition, consider oleuropein, a natural compound found in olives that can help boost the stem cells that form bone.

A quality bone support formula will contain all of these essentials.