Oral steroids pack deadly risks

It's one of the most common types of meds in the country, dished out daily by docs from coast to coast.

You almost certainly know someone who's been on them recently.

Odds are, you've taken them yourself at some point.

But if your doc is pushing you to pop oral steroids -- even for just a few days -- give him the old pushback, because new research reveals how these drugs are packing a SECRET danger.

And it's one that could send you right to the ER weeks or even MONTHS later!

The new study finds oral steroids such as prednisone given for allergies, skin conditions, pain, and any number of inflammation-related issues could raise your risk of serious health problems.

One of the most frightening conditions in medicine today is sepsis, an immune system reaction to infection so deadly -- and so tough to treat -- that it kills between 30 percent and 50 percent of the folks who come down with it.

One way to get it, it seems, is oral steroids: They increase the rate of sepsis by FIVE TIMES, according to the new study.

The same drugs triple the rate of a potentially deadly clotting condition, and double the rate of a bone break.

What makes this study so frightening is that just a single round of oral corticosteroids -- six days on the meds -- is enough to boost the risk of these problems, and the dose doesn't even have to be all that high.

Just 20 mg per day -- or, in some cases, even less -- will raise the odds of these potentially deadly conditions.

And while the risk is highest within the first 30 days of taking the drugs, it lingers for as long as THREE MONTHS after the treatment has ended.

The shame of this is that while steroids certainly have a place in medicine, they've been abused like crazy by mainstream doctors who give them out far too easily and far too often.

Most of the conditions treated by these drugs are recurring. Even if they go away after six days on a steroid, they're like Arnold in The Terminator.

They'll be back!

Then what? Your doc might send you off to the pharmacy for another round of steroids... and another round of risks.

It's madness, especially since longer-term use of these drugs can cause thinner bone and other serious problems.

And all for a drug you probably never needed in the first place -- because, in most cases, there are better, safer, and more effective ways to treat these conditions.

You may not even need meds at all!

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