Avoid bone loss with hormone therapy

Looks like someone in the mainstream finally figured out that two plus two equals four!

It's pretty clear why older women have a higher risk of bone loss, especially osteoporosis. Even the medical texts will tell you it's caused in large part by the drops in estrogen after menopause.

Obviously, one key to avoiding the condition or stopping the bone loss if you have it is to restore those hormone levels.

Yet it's taken until 2017 for them to figure this out!

Researchers have just spotted a big trend in the data from older studies on hormone treatments: Many women who have estrogen therapy after menopause have a lower risk of osteoporosis and the bone breaks that so often come with the condition.

And the women who get the biggest benefit are exactly the ones who need help most: Those already facing a higher risk of bone problems because of genetics.

The new study from Harvard University looked at data on nearly 10,000 women who took park in clinical trials on hormone therapy during the Women's Health Initiative study.

They also looked at 66 genetic variables that can make older women more prone to bone loss and bone breaks.

They found that in otherwise healthy women between the ages of 50 and 79, hormone therapy offers the biggest protection for those with the highest number of genetic risk factors for bone problems.

As genetic testing becomes more common, this could turn into an incredibly valuable tool that will protect women from the painful and sometimes crippling bone breaks that can strike in later years.

And those aren't the only benefits of hormone therapy.

While the treatment has fallen out of favor lately, other studies show that responsible hormone therapy given to women who need it can cut the risk of heart attack, stroke and more.

But of course, you can bet the mainstream will be running from one extreme to the other with this.

The reason hormone therapy is so controversial is that Big Pharma's synthetic estrogen drugs aren't a good match for what's in your body -- yet that's almost certainly what they'll go back to pushing.

And that could lead to unnecessary risks.

There are two safer, better, and far more effective options.

First, you can boost your body's estrogen production naturally with some changes to your diet and natural therapies such as herbal medicine.

And second, if you've tried that and still fall short, you can pass on the hormone drugs and go to bioidentical estrogen. It's custom-made to match what's in your body so it works better and with minimal risks.

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