Could you be healed... by a smell?

You don't have to be a battle-hardened combat vet to face post-traumatic stress disorder.

It could happen to ANYONE who's faced a health crisis... even you.

Studies show 80 percent of women with a breast cancer diagnosis suffer from post-traumatic stress, along with nearly 25 percent of heart attack and stroke survivors.

Many of them don't even realize they have the condition.

They KNOW they're suffering from anxiety, fear, panic, sleep disorders, nightmares, and more... but they THINK it's a normal part of a big health scare.

It's common, but it's not normal -- and you can turn it around naturally, as new research finds a safe and effective way to ease the worst of PTSD.

And it'll cost you $10 or less!

Essential oils don't get a lot of respect from the mainstream. They're associated with "New Age" shops and healing crystals.

But the scents given off by essential oils can cause real and lasting changes in the brain.

One of the most pleasant of all is orange essential oil, and the new study on mice shows how this fresh citrus scent can do more than give your home a nice smell.

It can block the stress response and help you overcome the worst of PTSD.

The mice in the study were conditioned into PTSD by being given a shock to the foot after a certain sound was played. After a while, the sound alone would cause the mice to freeze in fear. (You can see why they didn't do this test on humans).

Eventually -- after the shocks stopped -- the mice would slowly figure out it was safe to stop freezing in response to the sound.

But mice exposed to the scent of orange essential oil were less likely to freeze in the first place, and learned more quickly to stop freezing after the shocks were gone.

It wasn't just a change in behavior. It was a change in BRAIN, as the immune cells linked to PTSD dropped off dramatically and they had a lower expression of the gene linked to the condition.

This was a study of mice, not people.

But orange essential oil is already known to have a calming effect on the human brain. If you want to test it out for yourself -- whether you have PTSD or not -- you can pick up some orange oil online for just a few bucks.

The best way to use it is with a diffuser.

Don't stop there.

If you're having stress from a health scare, consider other nondrug treatments including calming herbal remedies and homeopathic therapies.

And whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, don't forget the most calming treatment of all: prayer. A few moments in the presence of God can often put things in perspective.