This ONE mineral can slash your risk of broken bones

If you watch any sports at all, you know the big stars often get way too much credit -- because it's often the players who get no attention at all that do most of the work.

And some of those guys quietly do more for the team than any of those big-name egos.

Magnesium's a lot like that. It gets almost no attention, despite the fact that it plays a key role in more than 300 functions in your body.

It's like being able to play ANY position... in ANY field... in ANY sport!

Well, friend, it's time to give magnesium its turn in the spotlight, as the latest research reveals just ONE of the risks you face when you don't have this key player on your team.

You could end up with a broken bone and a crippling injury!

The new study of 2,245 middle-aged men tracked well into their senior years finds that guys with the LOWEST levels of magnesium in the blood have the HIGHEST risk of bone breaks.

The biggest risk is right where you don't want it: in the hip.

Hip breaks aren't just agonizingly painful; they often require surgery with a long and difficult recovery. And even then, some people have mobility problems for life.

Guys with higher magnesium levels, on the other hand, got a big benefit: They were 44 percent less likely to have a fracture.

And NONE the men with the absolute highest levels suffered a bone break!

The good news here is that a little magnesium might be able to prevent a major cause of injury and disability in older Americans.

The bad news?

Most folks -- especially older people -- don't get much magnesium, with up to 80 percent of Americans falling short.

That doesn't just boost the odds of a bone break. That could increase your risk of serious heart problems.

The best sources of magnesium are certain greens, including spinach and Swiss chard, as well as nuts and seeds such as pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, and cashews.

Along with getting your share of this mineral from food, you may want to consider supplements -- but while you're shopping around, don't just look for magnesium and call it a day.

Like I said earlier, it's a team player.

For maximum protection for bones and heart, it works best with calcium and vitamins D and K.

And if you're concerned about your fracture risk, consider a compound found in olives called oleuropein, which can help the stem cells that build bone.

A good bone formula will have all of these essentials.