This test reveals how much longer you have

If you could see your own brain, you just might get a glimpse into your future.

It's like having a crystal ball that's with you wherever you go!

Your brain is often the first part of the body to suffer from the oxidative stress of aging, and it can show wear and tear long before any other area.

And new research shows that if you can keep your brain "younger" than the rest of your body, you could live a longer... healthier... and better life.

The only problem is the obvious one: There hasn't really been a way to check in on it and measure just what it means for your risk.

There hasn't been, that is... until now.

The new study used a simple MRI test to detect subtle changes in brain volume over time. These scans can tell if your brain is shrinking and how much you've lost over the years.

The more gray and white matter you lose, the "older" your brain is -- and that "brain age" could be different from the number of candles on your birthday cake.

Know someone who's whip-sharp despite being in his 90s? That's an old person with a YOUNG brain, most likely with less shrinkage and more volume on the inside.

The reverse is also true: Someone in his 50s or 60s battling through brain fog and memory problems might be relatively young on the outside, but getting much older on the inside.

That's a link we've already known about. But the new study goes further, showing how brain volume isn't just a risk factor for cognitive problems.

It's a risk factor for DEATH.

Every year "older" your brain is from the rest of your body increases your risk of death before the age of 80 by 6 percent. In other words, a 74-year-old with a 77-year-old brain is nearly 20 percent more likely to die before 80 than someone with a younger brain.

The researchers say that in the near future, a doc can order up an MRI and let you know how old your brain is -- but you don't need to wait for the "near future."

You can get clued in right now.

Folks in the new study with older brains also had weaker grip strength, less capacity in the lungs, and slower walking speeds -- all warning signs of health risks in older folks.

And, of course, those frustrating "senior moments" can also be a signal of brain shrink.

Don't worry, it's not too late to take action to slow the shrink and save your life. Switch to a Mediterranean diet, which is proven to slow "brain shrink" by up to a third.

If you've been looking for an excuse to finally give this lifestyle a shot, there you have it: a longer life. There's no better reason than that!