Cut TWO deadly risks at ONCE

If you like efficiency, you're going to LOVE the news I'm about to share today.

This one isn't about an easier airport security line... better mileage on your car... or a quicker checkout at the supermarket.

No, while all of those would be pretty handy, I'm here to bring some efficiency where it matters most: your health.

Turns out the same simple steps you can take to slash your risk of one of the nation's deadliest conditions can also dramatically cut your odds of one of today's most devastating diseases.

The first one is stroke, the number three killer in the nation and a top cause of disability.

The second is dementia, a disease that won't just end your life... it'll RUIN it first.

But a new study finds that following an easy plan to cut your risk of a stroke will also slash your odds of developing dementia.

And the OLDER you are, the BIGGER the benefit!

What makes this so powerful is that it's not a study of a new drug with a hefty price tag and unknown side effects.

It's a series of things you can do right now, and most of them are just plain old common sense.

If you smoke, quit. If your blood pressure is running a little high, get to work on bringing it back under control.

In the new study, older folks -- especially those in their 80s -- who took those steps saw their stroke risk plunge by nearly 40 percent.

Then, on top of that, their risk of dementia dropped by more than 15 percent!

A stroke, of course, is when the flow of blood to the brain is choked off. When you work to cut that risk, you improve that flow of blood, which means more than a lower risk of stroke.

Better circulation to the brain means your blood can keep delivering oxygen and essential nutrients right where they're needed most -- preserving your memory and protecting your overall cognition even as your risk of a stroke plunges.

That's TWO major risks, knocked down with ONE simple strategy -- and if you want to make this even more effective, I've got just the recipe.

The same basic Mediterranean diet you hear me talk so much about is proven to cut the risk of stroke by 47 percent. Not surprisingly, a modified version of this diet called -- appropriately -- MIND can cut the risk of Alzheimer's in half.

How's that for efficient?

You're going to love these modifications, because they encourage you to INCREASE your intake of foods with the highest levels of brain-friendly nutrients.

They're some of your favorites: ripe berries, which are packed with antioxidants, as well as delicious fatty fish, which are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.

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