What every arthritis patient needs to know about surgery

If you've got knee pain -- and, let's face it, you probably do -- there's a good chance someone's about to scam you.

Every year, Americans and their insurers cough up $3 billion on a quickie in-and-out job known as arthroscopic surgery, done 15,000 times every week.

Docs claim this operation will take just minutes... cause little to no pain... and leave you feeling so good you just might take up tap dancing afterward.

But a stunning new recommendation from some of the leading voices in mainstream medicine exposes the ugly truth about this common operation.

It doesn't work!

A team of experts wrote in BMJ that they carefully reviewed years of evidence on this, examining the details from 13 studies.

Just 15 percent of patients in those trials felt better three months after the surgery -- and even for those folks, it didn't last. One year later, they were feeling no better than folks who tried literally anything else.

Physical therapy, knee-strengthening exercises, even a sham surgery in which patients THOUGHT they had the operation were all just as effective as the arthroscopic surgery.

If the surgery didn't work, it would be bad enough.

But this gets worse.

Every operation comes with risks, and this one's no exception. The new guidelines note that some patients end up battling surgical complications including dangerous infections and deadly blood clots.

Now, the experts are urging an almost complete shutdown of this entire $3 billion industry. But given the amount of money on the line, I'd say there's a fat chance of that happening anytime soon.

Slick-talking surgeons will turn up the pressure with a new sales pitch.

They'll claim the guidelines don't tell the full story. They'll promise that you'll be the exception. They'll swear up and down that most of the patients they've treated have been helped by the operation.

When you're in pain, you WANT to believe all that.

Don't let yourself -- or anyone you love -- fall for those empty promises!

As the new study shows all too well, just about anything else you'd care to try will work at least as well as the surgery. But since, as the study shows, the surgery itself doesn't do much, you don't want "just as well."

You want better... and I've got it.

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