Hardened arteries? Cut stiffness with THIS

Well, here we go again... red wine sales are no doubt getting a boost this week thanks to the clueless media once again hyping the supposed health benefits.

This is how they operate: Find some little detail they can zero in on, and then blow it out of proportion.

In this case, the new study focused artery health in diabetics and resveratrol, the so-called "red wine antioxidant" because it's found in red wine.

Sort of.

A glass of red will contain about 4 mg of resveratrol, on average.

And while the new study DID find that this stuff can protect the main artery in the heart in folks with diabetes, the benefit started at levels of 100 mg per day. And if you want REAL protection for stiffening arteries (as I know you do), the study finds you need 300 mg per day.

That's 225 glasses of red wine!

Calling this the "red wine antioxidant" is like calling cyanide "the spinach poison" (yep -- there's a little cyanide in your spinach).

Obviously, it's there. But just as obviously, it's not in an amount that's going to matter.

When you do get high levels of resveratrol, however, some pretty amazing things can happen.

In the new study, researchers found that this stuff didn't make much difference in the stiffness of the aorta for most people. But there was one BIG exception: diabetics with the highest levels of stiffness in that main artery.

These are the folks who need help the most -- and they got it in a major way, with 100 mg per day of resveratrol reducing that stiffness by 4.8 percent after two weeks.

The higher dose, 300 mg per day, packed double the benefit, cutting the stiffness of the aorta by nearly 10 percent.

And that's not all this stuff can do.

Other studies show resveratrol may help protect the brain, fight cancer, and even extend your life.

But just like in the new report on artery stiffness, all of those studies use doses that are dozens and in some cases hundreds of times the levels found in a glass of wine.

I'm not about to leave you dry. If you like wine and are healthy enough to handle it, feel free to hoist the occasional glass.

Just don't expect any real or lasting health benefits from it.

If you want the artery protection seen in the new study, skip the wine -- because there's a much simpler way of getting those levels of resveratrol without dying of alcohol poisoning.

Just take a supplement. Resveratrol is available both on its own and as part of an antioxidant blend.