Steroids won’t help knee pain

If you've been seeing a specialist about your aching knees, don't be surprised if there's a "FOR RENT" sign on his clinic next time you swing by.

Times are tough for these guys, as studies show that just about ALL of the treatments they've been pushing DON'T WORK!

Last week, major new guidelines said the most common surgery given to arthritis patients wouldn't do a thing to ease agony, restore motion, and boost quality of life in folks with osteoarthritis.

This week, the hits keep on coming -- because a new study now exposes the ugly truth about one of the most common nonsurgical treatments.

If you've had steroid shots, you know the drill. You're supposed to visit his office again and again and again to get your injections, while he gets to bill your insurer AND collect copays for each visit.

But if you've done all that and had nothing to show for it, you're not alone.

The new study shows these shots DON'T work!

After two full years, folks who got their steroid shots every three months were no better off than patients given a placebo shot.

So far, so bad. But believe it or not, that's not the worst of it.

The study also finds that these shots can come with a side effect... and if you're struggling with the pain and disability of osteoarthritis, it's exactly what you don't want.

Steroids can DOUBLE the loss of cartilage in the knee!

Don't worry; I'm not about to leave you in pain. While studies show mainstream knee treatments aren't working out, there ARE science-backed natural therapies that CAN help you turn this condition around.

Here are three of the best:

1) Lose some weight: The extra pounds aren't helping your knees, but you can change that in a hurry. Losing as little as 7 percent of your body weight can cut pain levels, and dropping 10 percent or more can give you even more relief AND slow the damage inside your knees.

2) Get some sleep: Better sleep won't stop the damage in your knees. But it WILL change how your brain processes pain -- so much so that a study earlier this year found that seniors with arthritis who get more sleep notice their pain less and handle it better overall.

3) Boost your collagen: This is the basic building block of the cartilage in your knees, but unfortunately many forms of collagen aren't readily absorbed by your body so they can't be put to use very easily.

But there's one that's different from the rest.

UC-II collagen is so effectively absorbed that studies routinely show it's better than glucosamine and chondroitin at easing arthritis pain in the knees.

It's not too common -- yet -- but I predict this stuff will be everywhere soon enough.

Look for it in a quality joint support blend from a maker you trust.