Add this to your breakfast for stronger bones

It's the stunning new study that reveals the REAL key to bone health... and it's NOT in the ugly drugs your doc is pushing.

In fact, it's not at the pharmacy at all.

It's in the dairy section of your local supermarket!

No, it's not the milk. Milk might be loaded with calcium, but it's so poorly absorbed that women who drink it can actually face a higher risk of bone problems.

Yogurt, on the other hand, is both packed with nutrients your body CAN use and rich in the healthy bacteria that can make sure you absorb them all.

As a result, the new study finds older men and women who eat yogurt have stronger bones and a lower risk of osteoporosis.

These aren't small differences here.

These are "stop the presses" levels -- benefits so big that if any drug were to promise them, it would be approved with great fanfare and sold for big money.

But you can pick up a week's supply of yogurt at your local supermarket for just a few bucks.

Women who eat yogurt daily have 3.1 percent more bone mineral density in the hip and a 3.9 percent jump in total femoral neck bone mineral density, when compared to women who don't eat yogurt very often.

As a result, women who eat yogurt are 31 percent less likely to develop osteopenia, a bone-thinning condition that often precedes osteoporosis, and a 39 percent lower risk of developing osteoporosis itself.

In men, the benefit is even bigger.

Guys have nearly 10 percent lower levels of a marker of bone loss, and higher bone mineral density in the vertebrae. Put it together, and eating yogurt will cut a man's risk of osteoporosis by more than half, according to the study published in Osteoporosis International.

These weren't just theoretical numbers, either. The men and women in the study also took tests of physical function, and the folks who ate yogurt daily ran circles around the rest.

The one downside to yogurt is that most of the stuff in the supermarket is pretty lousy when it comes down to it.

Those little plastic containers have low levels of essential nutrients and may even have lower levels of the healthy probiotic bacteria you want for good digestion and overall health.

They can also be packed with ingredients you don't need, including sweeteners and preservatives.

The best way to eat yogurt is to get healthy, organic, plain yogurt and add your own ingredients at home. Fresh fruit -- not the ugly "fruit on the bottom" -- as well as crushed nuts, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and even a little honey can give you a healthier bowl of yogurt.