Are you accidentally feeding a tumor?

TV shows these days have gotten so corny. Everything is about toxic relationships... divorce dramas... and life-or-death battles.

But you don't need a TV to experience all that drama. You could have all three going on in your own life right now without even realizing it!

Odds are, you're in the middle of a TOXIC relationship with sugar.

And if you don't DIVORCE yourself from the sweet stuff, you could end up locked in a LIFE-OR-DEATH battle with some of the world's deadliest diseases.

The latest research reveals how sugar can fuel certain forms of cancer, giving the cells everything they need to allow a tumor to take hold, grow, and ultimately kill you.

It starts with a protein inside your body called glucose transporter 1, or GLUT1 for short.

It does exactly what the name suggests: It's like the UPS man, except it delivers sugar to your cells instead of Amazon Prime packages to your doorstep.

Your cells can then use that sugar for energy -- at least, that's how it was all designed to work.

The study on mice finds that when certain types of cancer move into the neighborhood, GLUT1 cells increase and proliferate.

In plain talk, it's as if the cancer has expanded that UPS network and then rerouted many of those sugar deliveries so they all come right to the tumor -- which is hogging them up so it can feed off them to grow and thrive.

Specifically, the study finds this entire process can be triggered by squamous cell cancers, which include certain deadly forms of lung cancer.

In experiments on mice with lung cancer, the researchers were able to slow -- but not stop -- the growth of squamous cell tumors by completely blocking that GLUT1 protein, cutting off sugar deliveries.

Naturally, they're hoping for a drug that can do the same in humans with advanced forms of these cancers.

That's over the long-term.

But this also means something very important to you RIGHT NOW, because it shows very clearly how cancers can steal sugar from the rest of your body so they can grow and take hold.

Since sugar is such a big part of the typical diet right now, it's easy for them to get everything they need -- and then some.

That also helps explain why, in a time when many common types of cancer are declining, the rate of lung cancer is actually RISING in nonsmokers.

Since sugar also plays a role in a number of other forms of this disease, the best action you can take right now is to cut off the fuel. Eat less sugar, and your risk of cancer will plunge.