Fight the fat that’s trapped inside your bones

Maybe House Calls should be required reading for everyone in the mainstream media.

Those clowns were absolutely stunned to discover that fat can build up in bones, making them weaker and more prone to breaking.

I've been saying this for decades now. I've even created a groundbreaking regimen to melt away "bone fat" so you can get stronger even as you get older.

I'll give you the full scoop on that in a moment.

First, the new study has thrown the media into a complete tizzy. Just look at the headlines:

"Even Your Bones Can Get Fat: Study" - HealthDay News
"Forget Being 'Big Boned' -- Are Your Bones Fat?" -- Reader's Digest
"Study says exercise is great for bone fat. Also, bone fat" -- New York Daily News

Guess what? The study isn't about how "even your bones can get fat." Everyone in medicine already knows how fat can invade bone and weaken it.

The REAL point of the study is hidden in that final headline: A little exercise can do the same thing to fat in the bone as it can to the stuff building up around your belly.

It can burn it off.

The study on mice finds that when obese rodents were pushed into getting more exercise, the fat cells inside the marrow dissolved, and the bone got stronger. The levels dropped so much that after just six weeks, the obese mice had the same levels of fat in the bone as healthy, lean mice.

While this was a study on mice, the same types of cells in our own bodies regulate fat in the bone. So, it seems like a good bet we'd see a similar benefit, too.

That's a plus, and of course I'd never stand in the way of anyone getting a little extra movement.

But the REAL key to dissolving the fat trapped inside bone isn't in exercise at all.

There's a much simpler way, one so effective that I believe every mainstream doc will soon be recommending it to their own patients -- and it starts with the stem cells that repair and rebuild bone.

When you're young and healthy, those stem cells tend to become bone.

But as you get older, more of them turn into fat instead.

Oleuropein, a natural compound found in olives, can essentially flip the switch on those stem cells so they go back to forming bone again.

In one in vitro study, it increased the formation of the cells that create new bone tissue six times over.

This stuff isn't that common yet, but if you look around, you'll find it available on its own or -- better yet -- as part of a quality bone support formula.