Just say NO to finger prick blood tests!

Most of us have no clue what the worst part of the day will be.

But if you've got diabetes, you can take a pretty good guess: It'll be when you have to stab yourself in the finger and squeeze out a little blood to check your sugar levels.

You've heard how you can't get blood from a stone? Sometimes it won't come out of your own finger either, and you have to keep jabbing yourself to get it.


Of course, there's also the opposite problem: when the darned thing keeps bleeding.

Throw in the risk of infection and the painful fingertips even in the best of times, and you've got the makings of misery right there.

But now, there might be a way out.

Turns out millions of diabetics DON'T need those painful daily tests!

New research reveals a way to stop pricking your fingers -- possibly forever -- and it doesn't require other drugs or painful tests to take its place.

The new study finds that in cases when you're not taking insulin, finger stick blood tests could be essentially meaningless, which would mean they're also completely unnecessary.

The study focused on older diabetics with an average age of 61 who weren't on insulin shots and had had the disease for about eight years.

Some were told to do the daily blood tests. Some got to do the blood tests with "enhanced" machines that give even more feedback. And some were told to skip the finger stick tests completely.

One year later, none of it mattered.

They all had the same blood sugar control... the same risk of eventually needing insulin... and the same odds of a hospital trip because of their diabetes.

In other words, the day after day after day after day of stabbing the finger and squeezing a little blood out didn't make any significant difference.

That means if you've got diabetes but aren't on insulin, you might be able to do away with this painful test, too.

It's important not to stop this on your own but to work closely with your doc. If he signs off on the plan, don't just celebrate the fact that you no longer need to keep poking yourself.

Get busy.

Remember, this ONLY works if you're not on insulin. If you let your diabetes get worse and end up on the shots, it's back to drawing blood... and back to being in pain.

So, get cracking on bringing blood sugar under control through your diet and with natural therapies -- including a surprising one I'll explain later today.

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