Taking aspirin? Read this ASAP!

It's almost like having a time traveler walk through my door!

The evidence for aspirin therapy is so lousy that even many mainstream doctors are now refusing to put their patients on it. Yet I STILL find many of my new patients are on the drugs anyway, often because of some doc who's not with the times.

The latest research shows why I work quickly to bring my time-traveling patients back to the future, because it reveals the TRUE toll of aspirin therapy in older patients.

The drug's most notorious risk -- bleeding in the gut and even deep inside the BRAIN -- is actually far worse than anyone has ever realized!

Once you hit the age of 75, your risk of battling a life-threatening major bleed TRIPLES, when compared to younger folks.

Between the age of 75 and 84, your risk of suffering a major bleed is an already sky-high 1 in 30.

After you celebrate your 85th, that risk jumps even higher to 1 in 20.

What makes this even worse is not just that older folks are more likely to suffer these bleeds... they're also much more likely to be hurt or even killed by them.

Folks over 75 are TEN TIMES more likely to suffer permanent disability or die due to a bleed in the upper gastrointestinal tract. The risk is so high that 62 percent of the older patients who suffered those bleeds either died or ended up with a disability.

Flipping the number around, that means only a little more than a third survived those bleeds with no major disability.

The team behind the study is urging docs to review the use of aspirin in older patients every few years.

I've got a better plan: How about we work to get them off the drugs completely instead?

There are times when a little aspirin might be important, especially right after a heart attack. But for the most part, regular daily long-term use of the drug is a disaster, especially when you consider that there are far safer options out there.

The omega-3 fatty acids found in both fatty fish and fish oil supplements can often provide many of the same benefits of aspirin without the bleeding risks.

Just don't go swapping one for the other on your own. What works best for you will depend on your overall health and any specific risks you're facing, so work closely with your doctor.

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