Survive heart disease by dodging this secret risk factor

Heart disease doesn't need any help as it tries to kill you. It's already plenty deadly all by its lonesome.

But odds are, it's getting some assistance -- and that extra help is coming from where you least expect it.

If you're ignoring stress, anxiety, depression, and other mood problems... if you think you can just "tough it out" and let these things go... you could be handing heart disease just the weapon it needs to finish you off.

New research exposes how heart disease becomes far more dangerous when it teams up with mood disorders.

And if you have that deadly duo yourself, you're facing FOUR TIMES the risk of death from heart disease and THREE TIMES the chances of dying from any other cause!

What makes this study so alarming is that these folks weren't heart patients already on death's door.

They were like so many millions of America's seniors: stable.

Sure, they all had coronary artery disease, which is when the main pipes that supply blood to the heart start to stiffen and clog. All of them had also had either angina or a heart attack.

But they had it under control... or, so they thought.

When you have heart disease, it's never truly under control. And when you have heart disease mixed with mood disorders such as anxiety or depression, you could suffer from "silent" damage on the inside.

The 12-year study doesn't show why or how heart disease and depression are so deadly when they're together.

But we know that mood disorders can lead to chronic inflammation throughout the body -- and if there's anything that can put some strain on a ticker already struggling with heart disease, it's an extra load of inflammation.

Obviously, this means any heart disease plan of attack that doesn't include paying attention to the rest of the body is doomed to fail... and it shows why those of us in holistic medicine don't treat any condition by itself.

We look at the whole patient instead, because we know all of these conditions can be connected in ways mainstream docs simply don't recognize.

Hopefully, the new study will be a wakeup call for them!

The researchers behind it are, of course, urging heart patients with mood disorders to get some help.

I can't argue with that.

It's the KIND of help they get that worries me -- because antidepressants often don't work very well and come with serious risks, especially in heart patients.

Fortunately, a second new study just out reveals a simple way to help fight depression and protect the heart at the same time.

And you're not going to believe how easy it is!

I'll have the full scoop coming up later today, so keep an eye on your inbox!