This 'diet' tip can save your muscles

It's the leading cause of misery in seniors -- responsible for crippling weakness, devastating injury, and often a complete loss of independence.

And it's not even a disease!

Nothing -- and I mean nothing -- can rob you of your joy and vitality faster than frailty.

But I'm not about to let this happen to you.

New research reveals the key to preserving your strength and restoring your energy. It works so well that if Big Pharma could bottle it, it'd cost thousands.

But mainstream docs can't bottle it... and they can't stop me from telling you that the REAL key to keeping strong ISN'T a drug and WON'T cost you a cent.

This completely safe and 100 percent natural "therapy" is something I've shared with you before, and I hope you took my advice... because the Mediterranean diet can slash your risk of turning frail and weak.

The new study focused on 560 folks 75 and older who were all pretty healthy at the start.

You know how quickly things can change at that age.

In just two years, 79 of those folks -- nearly 15 percent -- turned frail.

That means they had at least three major life-sapping symptoms, such as exhaustion, slowness, weakness, low levels of activity, and unexpected weight loss.

But when the researchers dug into the details, they spotted a clear pattern in the folks who managed to avoid that fate.

Many of them were following the Mediterranean diet.

The closer they stuck to this healthy lifestyle, they better the odds they'd age with their vitality and independence intact.

And the seniors who followed it mostly closely were TWO-THIRDS less likely to turn frail!

The biggest benefits show up exactly where you want them as you get older: This diet will give you more strength and a burst of energy. More specifically, following it will slash your odds of turning slow, weak, and inactive.

That's good.

But this gets better. While the study didn't look at specific nutrients, the research team behind it said adding a multivitamin with minerals into the mix along with a vitamin D supplement could also help you keep strong and cut your risk of frailty.

I couldn't agree more.

I'll add one more way to make this even better: While the Mediterranean diet allows for whole grains, I'd urge you to cut them out completely. They're really not much better than refined grains, and the jumps in blood sugar they cause are no good at any age.

You've got better options on this diet anyway, including fresh produce, nuts, lean poultry, and fatty fish.

I'll have more on the benefits of that last one coming up later today -- and if you or someone you love is struggling with rheumatoid, you won't want to miss this one.

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