How older women can beat mood problems

When it comes to one of the most common conditions facing older women, the mainstream has just two answers.

There's psychotherapy for the depression and other mood problems that often strike in your later years -- which is BAD, because it never really tackles the true cause.

And that means it's often ineffective, too.

But what's WORSE is when they give you antidepressant drugs, which also don't do a thing about the cause and come with big risks and side effects to boot.

Now, new research backs a completely different approach -- and it's the very same one I use right here at the Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine.

It's not psychotherapy. It's not even a drug.

The answer is in restoring what your own body is missing!

The new study uncovers the TRUE cause of depression for many older women, and finds a direct link to many of the problems that strike after menopause.

Some 80 percent of women battle hot flashes during menopause -- but for many, those problems don't end once "the change" is over.

They experience them for years after.

And if those hot flashes keep slamming you past the age of 65, your risk of depression jumps by two-thirds, according to the study.

It's not just hot flashes.

Other problems -- including some many older women are too embarrassed to discuss -- can also boost the risk of depression. Vaginal dryness and some types of urinary problems -- including the dreaded "leak" -- can also up the odds of mood problems.

What do all of these conditions have in common?

The answer is often estrogen.

As hormone levels drop during menopause, all of those other problems... the hot flashes... the vaginal dryness... and even pelvic floor issues... can pop up. When they linger after menopause, it can be a sign that estrogen levels have dropped too low.

Restoring those levels can often help resolve most -- if not all -- of those conditions at once and help improve mood at the same time.

In some cases, that means natural hormone replacement therapy, but many women don't need to go that far.

Natural treatments can often stimulate the body into producing its own estrogen again, and the most natural one of all is to improve your diet. A mix of weight loss and good nutrition can often get your body back on track, especially when combined with herbal remedies and homeopathic medicine.

If you've tried all that and still have mood disorders and other signs of low estrogen, then it may be time to consider natural bio-identical hormone therapy under the care of a skilled holistic medical doctor.