Live 12 years longer with this hat trick

It's like getting a postcard... from the Land of the Obvious!

This one arrived signed, sealed, and delivered from the journal Health Affairs, and it's a study that finds -- I'm not kidding -- that healthy habits will help you live longer.

What can I say? This is what passes for "cutting-edge" research these days!

I imagine future "studies" will examine the wetness of water and the blueness of the sky!

But while the results are obvious, there IS one detail in this study that I do want to share -- and that's how it finds you'll not only live longer (and better), but also puts some numbers on it.

It shows the toll... in actual years... of unhealthy living.

And it reveals how much longer you can expect to live if you ditch those bad habits and start traveling on the straight-and-narrow.

So, while the study IS obvious, seeing that number in black and white just might help give you the motivation you need -- because this one finds that good habits won't just add days, weeks, or months to your life.

They will add YEARS... and lots of them.

Overall, healthy habits could add between four and seven years to your life.

But those who stick closest to these healthiest habits get an even bigger benefit: Men can live up to 11 years longer, while women could get a full 12 extra years.

These weren't years spent in and out of hospitals, either. These were "bonus" years spent in GOOD health and FREE of disability!

Think about all you could do with that extra time. See the world... learn a new skill... and enjoy not only your grandkids, but your great-grandkids, too.

What makes this so encouraging is that this study didn't look at fitness nuts, extreme diets, medications, vitamins, surgeries, or anything else like that.

It looked at stuff anyone can do. And it all boils down to three simple steps you can take right now:

  1. If you smoke, quit.
  2. If you're overweight or obese, lose the extra pounds.
  3. If you drink, do so only in moderation.

That's it. Really.

Each one hits your longevity in different ways. For example, the study finds smoking won't really increase your risk of disability, but it will shorten your lifespan. Obesity, on the other hand, will increase your risk of serious long-term disability and put you in and out of hospitals -- even if it doesn't shorten your life as much.

And heavy drinking can lead to both disability and a shorter life.

Don't be happy with one healthy habit. If you want real results... if you want up to 12 "bonus" years of disability-free living... go for the hat trick and get all three.