These just might be the world's safest medicines

They're some of the safest and most effective remedies in all of medicine, not to mention they're among the cheapest, too.

So, naturally... they're coming under attack from the mainstream!

The powers-that-be are trying to cut off your access to homeopathic remedies. This time, it's Britain's National Health Service telling doctors they will no longer be reimbursed for prescribing the treatments.

Don't rest easy if you're not in the UK -- the FDA is currently trying to restrict these natural medicines as well.

They're keeping a close eye on what's happening over there -- and you can bet they'll use it as "evidence" to justify their own attacks on homeopathic medicine here in the United States.

But what's going on in Britain shouldn't be used to cut back on homeopathy.

It should be a case-in-point of why it urgently needs to be expanded!

The NHS spends more than $22 billion a year on drugs, including $1.3 billion a year on just four commonly-used meds.

They're throwing so much cash at Big Pharma that they're looking for ways to slash this bloated budget -- and, of course, natural medicine, especially homeopathy, is the immediate target.

After all, Brits love homeopathy. Prince Charles is a famous fan. They even have two hospitals that specialize in homeopathy.

So, the agency probably thought they were going to save big money on this, right?

Well, once they added up all the numbers, they got what must've been a pretty big surprise.

For all that bluster, the NHS spends just $117,000 on homeopathic medicine, according to The Independent.

That's literally a fraction of a percent of their pharmaceutical budget. Specifically, homeopathic medicine makes up just 0.00053 percent of the agency's drug spending.

Given how much the Brits use it and rely on it, this clearly isn't an example of waste.

It's PROOF that these remedies are as safe on budgets as they are on the body!

And believe me, you won't find a safer treatment in all of medicine. Since homeopathic remedies are highly diluted, there is virtually no chance of side effects when taken at their proper doses.

Of course, that's also the knock against them by the mainstream.

They claim that because homeopathic medicine is so diluted, the treatments can't possibly work.

But there are dozens of studies that back homeopathy for pain, allergies, mood disorders, and more -- and that's why Brits continue to use them even as their own government-backed health agency is trying to push them away.

And if anyone is trying to push YOU away, push back and fight for your right to safe and effective medicine... no matter what side of the pond you're on.