Your doc may owe you an apology

There's a greeting card for everything these days. They even have birthday cards... for pets.

Can you believe it?

But there's one old-fashioned type of card mainstream docs need to start buying in bulk, and it's nothing nearly so specialized.

It's the one that has just two words, and I don't mean "happy birthday."

It's "I'm sorry!"

New research confirms that mainstream doctors across the country were dangerously wrong on a devastating and debilitating disease. For YEARS now, they've told patients battling the life-sapping misery of chronic fatigue syndrome that the condition isn't real.

More than a million Americans suffer from chronic fatigue... struggling just to make it through each day despite overwhelming exhaustion, pain, sleep problems, memory struggles, and more.

And the one person they're supposed to count on for help -- their own doctor -- had the nerve to tell them that the condition was all in their heads.

Adding insult to injury, some even prescribed antidepressants!

Now, the new study proves beyond all doubt that these doctors need to start writing those apology cards.

It shows that not only is chronic fatigue real, but patients with this condition have signs of serious immune problems deep inside the body.

Researchers from Stanford University have found 17 immune system proteins that are found in much higher levels in people with chronic fatigue. Thirteen of those 17 signaling molecules indicate inflammation, which is the immune system's response to a problem, such as an infection.

You wouldn't see high levels of those proteins in healthy people.

That's a clear sign that this condition isn't, as so many doctors have attempted to claim, in the head,.

It's in the body itself!

The inflammation also helps explain the flu-like symptoms experienced by many patients with chronic fatigue -- as the fever, sore throat, headache, and more can all be caused or worsened by inflammation.

Maybe with the proof now right in front of them -- from Stanford University, no less -- mainstream doctors will finally take chronic fatigue seriously and admit it's a very real condition.

On the other hand, just because they're ready to acknowledge it doesn't mean they can treat it.

Of course they can't. Since they admit they still don't know what's causing it, how can they possibly treat it?

In many cases, this condition is the result of overworked adrenal glands, which get worn out after years of cranking out stress hormones. Other common causes include an undiagnosed chronic infection or even hormone imbalances.

Most docs won't even test for these conditions, much less treat them.

But I can.

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