EVERY heart patient needs to watch for this warning sign

When you've got heart disease, you know what's on the line.

One American dies of this condition every 49 seconds -- so, every single minute matters, and every single day is like a bonus.

Now, the latest research reveals one MAJOR risk factor that could add years to your life if you get it under control.

But if you don't, it could cut your life short.

This stunning new report exposes what just may be the single BIGGEST risk factor for an early death.

It's an easy-to-spot condition that leaves behind damage so powerful it will DOUBLE your risk of death -- yet, odds are, it's something your own doctor won't even look for!

It's depression, a condition so common among heart patients that 1 in 3 experience it in some form.

It's already been linked to poor outcomes, including death in the days and weeks after a heart attack.

But the new study goes much further, finding the risk lingers for years and can DOUBLE your chances of an early death.

Even after the researchers adjusted for all the usual risk factors, nothing came close to depression in calculating that death risk.

That makes it bigger than age... bigger than blood pressure... bigger than diabetes... and even bigger than heart failure.

Some experts claim the risk is because depressed patients are less likely to take good care of themselves.

While that certainly can be the case, there's also a whole lot more to it than that.

Depression has a distinct and real effect throughout the body, increasing levels of inflammation.

That's bad news in the best of times.

But when you have heart disease, that extra load of inflammation could turn killer.

Depression is also linked to low levels of serotonin. This neurotransmitter is best known for its role in the brain, but low levels have also been linked to hardened arteries, especially that all-important coronary artery.

The mainstream takeaway from this study, of course, is to get your depression treated.

I won't argue with that.

But it's HOW that depression gets treated that's the issue.

Antidepressant drugs can bring serious risks -- even in healthy patients. In certain folks at risk of heart problems, some of these drugs might have bigger risks.

They've even been linked to heart problems in some patients!

You've got other, better, safer options.

High doses of fish oil are often highly effective at beating or easing depression. Unlike antidepressants, the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are not only perfectly safe for heart patients, but can also help cut the risk of a heart attack.

Speak to your doctor.