Miracle drink can fight diabetes damage

It's the GREEN solution to diabetes and anyone at risk for the disease -- and no, I'm not talking about some new "Save the Planet" scheme.

Healthy green TEA is already known as one of nature's most miraculous cures for everything from heart troubles to cancer.

Now, the latest research on mice reveals even bigger benefits for people facing diabetes.

And if the same holds true in humans -- as I suspect it will -- that means this GREEN cure could help you to fight off some of the biggest health problems facing Americans today, including obesity and memory loss in addition to diabetes.

The key is a powerful natural substance locked inside every delicate little leaf.

It's called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, better known as EGCG -- and to test its effects on diabetes symptoms, researchers put mice on the rodent equivalent of the diet of doom.

That's exactly what it sounds like: A lifestyle almost guaranteed to doom you to diabetes, heart disease, and an early death.

Unfortunately, this diet also has another much more common name.

It's the Western diet that's followed by tens of millions of Americans... and it's the key driver in the epidemic of obesity and diabetes facing the nation.

In the study, the mice fed this disastrous diet saw the same results as humans.

They got fat -- real fast -- and experienced all the health problems that follow, including insulin resistance and cognitive struggles.

In the case of mice, that means they had a hard time finding their way out of a maze.

But one set of mice were given a little something extra with that Western diet: a daily dose of that all-powerful EGCG.

And the results were bordering on the miraculous.

These mice not only weighed less... but they also had less cognitive damage from insulin resistance... and they began zipping through those mazes.

Generally with mouse studies, I'd say don't get your hopes up too much until we see more studies, especially on humans.

But in this case, feel free to break out the kettle and brew away -- because there are DOZENS of studies that back the incredible health effects of green tea and EGCG in humans.

Just don't be too much like these mice.

Clearly, the EGCG can help counteract some of the damage of the Western diet. But if you keep following that lifestyle, you could drink this stuff by the gallon and it's not going to help.

Switch to a healthier diet instead, then get plenty of green tea to help reverse any damage you might already be suffering from.

While you can find EGCG available as a supplement, I prefer to get mine the old-fashioned way: from freshly brewed green tea, served either hot or over ice.