Protect your eyes from diabetes with this easy step

Don't let your guard down!

Diabetes is a relentless enemy working 24/7 to tear you apart from the inside, and it'll seize ANY opening it can.

Let your blood sugar slip... and it'll damage your organs. Ignore a minor injury... and it could become a festering infection.

And if you don't keep close watch over your eyes... you could go blind!

Now, the latest research shows a simple step you can take to protect your peepers and prevent one of the most devastating consequences of diabetes.

It's a condition called diabetic retinopathy, when high blood sugar literally eats away at the retina.

It's a top cause of vision loss in Americans, especially older folks, leading to serious impairment and even blindness -- IF it's not caught in time.

That big IF is your ticket out of this mess, and the new study shows how.

It reveals how taking one simple, protective step early can protect your eyes, prevent the damage, and preserve your independence -- all at the same time.

All you have to is get your eyes checked at least once a year.

Simple, right? Yet too many people wait far too long between eye exams, and they pay a big price for it: The warning signs of retinopathy don't get caught early, so the condition is never treated when it's still manageable.

But if you get checked at least once a year, your risk of sight impairment -- including serious vision loss and blindness -- will be cut in HALF!

I know what you might be thinking.

If it's that easy to stop, why are so many people with diabetes still losing their eyesight?

The simplest answer is that they're just too busy dealing with the far more obvious, pressing, and in some cases painful signs of diabetes.

Something that's not especially noticeable early on -- like the ever-so-slight loss in vision that marks the start or retinopathy -- can get lost in the shuffle.

Even when you start to spot it, you might assume it's just the usual slight loss of sight that hits us all as we get older.

But it's not.

It's the diabetes at work, out to get you -- and that's why it's critical to take two steps.

First, don't ignore vision loss. If you're squinting and straining... if you think you might need a stronger prescription on your glasses... don't assume it's age.

Get checked out.

And second, even if you haven't noticed anything wrong... even if you've NEVER worn glasses... get your eyes checked every year, whether you have diabetes or not.