Turbo-charge your immune system for flu season

Labor Day weekend is just a week away, and that means you can expect to see some really dumb ads for used cars and appliances.

And the ridiculous marketing doesn't end when the holiday weekend's over.

In some ways, it's just getting started -- because the END of Labor Day is the unofficial START of flu season, when the relentless vaccine marketing machine kicks into overdrive.

You'll be pushed into flu shots everywhere from your doctor's office... to the supermarket... to the library.

But new research shows that the REAL key to beating the flu isn't in a vaccine.

It's already inside your body!

With the right nutrients, you can give your immune system the power to protect you from the worst this infection can throw your way. Some of these nutrients are so powerful that even if you DO get sick -- which can happen to anyone (yes, even folks who get the flu shot) -- these same immune boosters can make all the difference in the world.

If you're loaded up and ready for battle with the virus, the flu might pass right through you and feel no worse than a bad cold.

But if you're missing out, you could be in for weeks of misery.

The key isn't in JUST getting the right nutrients. It's in making sure your gut is healthy, too, so the protective bacteria that live there can put those nutrients to work.

In recent experiments on mice, a gut bug called Clostridium orbiscindens was able to transform flavonoids into certain essential immune-system proteins.

This potent combo didn't stop the mice from getting sick. In fact, they had the same level of infection with the virus as the mice that didn't get this treatment.

But it DID stop the infection from getting WORSE in one of the most critical ways: It protected the lungs from the damage of the flu.

That's the one part of your body that needs protection most when you have flu, as damage in the lungs leads to serious complications.

It can even turn a normal fight with the flu into a battle for your life with pneumonia.

You can get these flu-fighting flavonoids from foods such as berries and grapes as well as tea. You'll also find them in supplements, especially immune-boosting and age-fighting antioxidant blends.

Clostridium orbiscindens, on the other hand, is a bit more of a challenge.

It's not something you'll typically find in a probiotic supplement, but it is something that should already exist in your gut. The key is to keep the population you already have growing and thriving with a diet rich in fiber, which acts as a prebiotic by feeding the bacteria so they continue to help you digest food and nutrients.