Get stronger muscles in 3 meals a day

It's the ultimate secret to staying strong, even as you get up there in years.

This powerful, natural approach can restore your youthful vigor and save you from crippling frailty.

Ready for the best part? It's absolutely delicious!

New research reveals that all you TRULY need to do to keep your strength as you get older is get more protein.

I'm not talking about those chalky shakes and powders -- just eat the stuff!

I know that seems ridiculously simple, but it's not quite as easy as it sounds.

Already, most older folks don't get close to the protein they need each day. And now, the new research adds another wrinkle to the mix, showing that it's not just a matter of HOW MUCH you get each day.

WHEN you get it matters, too.

If you get your protein at a single meal such as dinner -- as many people do these days -- you could miss out, even if it's the right amount.

And your muscles could start to melt away.

But if you get your protein throughout the day, your muscles will get just what they need, so you can stay stronger for longer.

Over the course of three years, the seniors in the new study who had protein at three meals lost less of their strength than folks who got most of their daily protein at dinner.

Protein is, of course, important at any age to help muscles to rebuild, repair, and recover.

But it becomes even more critical as you get older, when your muscles face extra damage just from the toll of age. You need even more protein to compensate -- and even when you meet the mainstream guidelines, you could still suffer damage.

The study proves that, too. The folks who got their protein at all three meals still got weaker over three years. They just got LESS weak than those who got protein at a single meal.

According to the mainstream, which assumes everyone HAS to get weaker as they get older, simply getting "less weak" than everyone else is a win.

But that alone isn't a win -- not in my book.

You DON'T have to accept losing strength as you age. You can STAY strong and even get STRONGER -- but only if you're willing to take the guidelines and toss them out the window.

A study I shared earlier this summer found the protein guidelines are set far too low for seniors. So, be sure to not only get protein at EVERY meal, but get MORE of it and from a VARIETY of healthy sources.

The best complete proteins are animal sources such as eggs, poultry, fish, and meat. Just be sure to watch your intake of saturated fats and restrict grilled meats.

And don't forget quality plants sources, too -- such as nuts, seeds, chickpeas, and lentils.