Wipe out cancer stem cells so they NEVER come back

I call it the chemo coin flip.

Heads: You win, and the treatment works. It'll probably make you feel like absolute garbage, but at least it'll shrink the tumor and stop the cancer.

Tails? You lose BIG TIME -- because when chemo doesn't work, it's not just ineffective.

The dirty secret cancer docs won't tell you is that it can make some tumors WORSE, making it more likely that the disease will kill you!

Now, the latest research shows one way to tip the flip so the coin comes up heads, helping your chemo to beat the disease without making it worse.

Best of all? This addition to your treatment is completely natural... perfectly safe... and can actually PROTECT many of the parts of the body damaged by chemo.

The secret is curcumin, a potent natural compound locked inside the spice turmeric.

It's already proven to help boost the brain, fight off heart problems, and even ease pain.

Now, the new study finds it can help destroy cancer cells, too.

And it helps in EXACTLY the way you want it to. In experiments on pancreatic cancer, curcumin was able to disarm the disease's stem cells.

Those are the stubborn cells that allow the tumor to keep growing even when you attack it with treatments such as chemo.

In too many cases, those stem cells not only help to RESIST treatment... but they even THRIVE in the face of it, allowing the tumor to GROW and KILL you.

It's a condition so common, it has a name: chemo resistance.

But in the new study, the curcumin was able to REVERSE the very process that leads to resistance, leaving cancer cells crippled, weak, and exposed.

In the experiment, those cancer cells not only DIDN'T develop resistance to chemotherapy. In fact, it was just the opposite: They were more likely to be destroyed by the treatment.

The curcumin even blocked something called spheroids, which allow tumors to re-form after you THINK the disease has been wiped out.

We certainly have ample evidence as to how curcumin can help prevent and treat many forms of cancer... but we'll need to see human studies before we can say for sure whether curcumin also works the same way as in this latest study inside the human body.

But you don't have to wait for more research on another option -- because we already have a science-backed treatment that can enhance chemo while limiting its toxic side effects.

If you're fighting cancer, you'll need to add a holistic doctor to your team to get it.

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