New breakthrough could CURE dementia before it starts!

Big Pharma is up to its old tricks, trying to cash in on misery and heartbreak.

It's been pushing toxic lab-created chemical drugs on millions of Americans with dementia, knowing full well that everything it's cooked up so far does little to nothing for the condition.

As it turns out, there IS a chemical that can fight this disease.

It's a powerful therapy that just might do what drugs can't to slow, stop, prevent, and even reverse dementia.

But it's not toxic, and it's not a chemical Big Pharma can cook up in a lab.

It's something YOU can cook up... right now... inside your own body!

The chemical is called serotonin, and it's a key neurotransmitter that often goes missing in patients with depression and other mood problems.

People with dementia often have low levels of serotonin as well, but most scientists have believed that was caused by the condition itself.

Now, the new study finds that may not be case at all. It could be the other way around, meaning a serotonin boost at the right time could be just the key to halting the progression of dementia!

The new study looked at folks without dementia who were suffering from some of the earliest warning signs, including mild cognitive impairment.

If the dementia itself led to low serotonin, these folks should have had normal levels, or at least close to them .

Instead, they had 38 percent less than healthy patients -- and the lower those levels, the more they struggled on tests of memory and learning.

More importantly, every single patient with mild cognitive impairment had lower levels of serotonin than the healthy patients. Every one of them.

I know what you might be thinking: All we have to do is give people with cognitive impairment some mood meds, and the problem is solved, right?

Well... it's not that simple.

The most common drugs, SSRIs, don't actually make any new serotonin. They just trick your body -- and your brain -- into reusing what's already there.

That approach barely works for depression, as studies show the drugs often aren't much better than a placebo -- so, they certainly can't be expected to do much for dementia.

What you really need is to get your body to produce more serotonin on its own, and there are ways to do just that.

For example, the amino acid 5-HTP can be transformed into serotonin by your body. While we will need more research to see if this can prevent or treat dementia, it's already proven to be highly effective against depression.

If you're at risk for dementia, speak with a holistic medical doctor before you try anything on your own, as your problem might not be low serotonin. Hormones, nutrition, metals exposure, and more can all lead to cognitive problems.

The key to turning it around is finding the cause and treating it as early as possible.