Flush away toilet troubles -- for good!

It's the "c" word most patients will never dare to mention.

No, it's not cancer. It's not even cold sores.

It's constipation!

Stubborn bowels might be responsible for more day-to-day misery and pain than just about anything else out there, in large part because so many folks suffer in silence and never seek help.

They're just too embarrassed to talk about a "poop problem."

But there is something you can do right now that can ease your toilet troubles or even flush them away for good.

Best part of all? You won't have to say a word!

You just have to provide your belly with what it really needs -- as new research confirms that probiotic supplements can give you smoother moves in all the right ways, especially if you're a little older.

Take these supplements yourself, and you could increase your bowel movements by up to 30 percent.

That's a big improvement right out of the gate, but I believe the true benefit is even bigger.

This new study wasn't a look at a specific probiotic blend but an analysis of nine earlier studies of seniors.

Sometimes, combining data like that is a great way to get a look at the big picture.

But in this case, the studies looked at different bacteria, different supplements, and different amounts, and that's not the best way to handle probiotics, as each change in both type and amount can lead to vastly different results.

If you focus on getting the right bacteria -- and the right amount -- instead of the hit-or-miss supplements in these studies, you'll see a much bigger improvement than 30 percent.

Odds are, the answer for you won't be in getting just a single strain of bacteria, but several of them.

When we're born, we're given all the bacteria we need for digestion and overall good health. But as we get older, they start to get a little long in the tooth.

In some ways, they age much more rapidly than the rest of our bodies, because years of exposure to antibiotics, poor diet, hidden toxins in food and water, and more can all take a toll on bacteria.

What started out as an army of microbial warriors fighting for your health turns into a ragtag band facing a growing number of enemies, such as the "bad" bacteria that can disrupt your digestion and make you sick.

A quality probiotic can give them much-needed reinforcements, but that's ONLY if you get the right strains in the right amounts.

The new study confirms that one of the most effective is Bifidobacterium longum (which I call the "Genesis strain" because it's one of the first to colonize the gut), as well as several strains of Lactobacillus.

Shop around carefully, and look for a quality supplement built around those essentials. In most cases, you'll enjoy so much improvement that you'll never have to worry about that "c" word again.