Fight stress with nature's 'chill pill'

It's tough to relax these days.

Even on a day like Labor Day, when you're supposed to kick back, you can have so much on your mind that it can be downright impossible to truly feel at ease.

Sure, summer's ending, and that means the summer heat is fading fast.

But in its place comes autumn, the start of a three-and-a-half month dash from Halloween... to Thanksgiving... to Christmas... and New Year's.

Autumn can be so busy and even downright stressful that you can reach your wit's end before you get your first taste of pumpkin pie!

Now, the latest research uncovers one way to help you get through stress, protect your sanity, and beat the burnout any time of year.

It's an herbal remedy called Rhodiola rosea (a.k.a. roseroot), but I like to think of it as nature's Xanax.

Not only can it help do exactly what that drug promises, but it can get the job done with almost zero risk of side effects.

In the new study, this stuff was given to 118 folks suffering from the very same life-sapping mental fatigue we all face from time to time.

The study lasted 12 weeks, no doubt because they thought they needed the time. Reversing mental fatigue is always a slow process, no matter what treatment you use.

Well, ALMOST always. Rhodiola rosea didn't exactly work overnight, but it kicked in a whole lot faster than expected.

This extract helped reverse nearly every major sign and symptom of burnout in as little as a single week.

The folks who took it reported less exhaustion -- especially the soul-sapping "emotional exhaustion" that can be even harder to bear than actual physical fatigue.

They also had improvements in measurements such as "joy" and "zest for life."

When you have more zest, you have more "oomph," and more "oomph" leads to what may be the biggest benefit of all: The extract increased arousal and desire in people who had been suffering from libido problems due to their burnout.

The researchers seemed a little surprised by how effective this stuff is.

I'm not. Roseroot is backed by more than 200 studies for fatigue and stress, including the deep mental exhaustion caused by worn-out adrenal glands, also known as adrenal fatigue.

It can give you a burst of energy without caffeine... and even fight depression as effectively as some meds.

The dose used in the study is right in the ballpark of the 300 to 500 mg daily I recommend to my own patients, generally split into lower doses and taken twice per day.

Be sure the formula you choose contains 3 percent rosavins, which you will find available both on its own and as part of better adrenal support blends.