What fading eyesight does to your brain

It's the dementia risk factor that you can "see."

Or, more accurately, NOT seeing is the risk factor -- because new research shows that if your eyesight starts to fade, your mind might not be far behind.

Overall, vision loss -- especially with your distance vision -- will double or even TRIPLE your risk of cognitive struggles, including impairment, decline, and even dementia.

That's bad news when you consider that vision loss is as common among seniors as gray hair and wrinkles.

There are so many conditions that can steal your vision as you age, from plain old nearsightedness to cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy, and more.

Even certain MEDS can cause your sight to fade.

The new study finds that no matter the reason, if your distance vision drops below 20/40, you should watch out for the warning signs of cognitive decline -- because you're at risk.

But it's also a little more complicated than just that one number alone.

The REAL risk factor isn't just a certain degree of vision loss. It's how it affects your day-to-day living.

Folks who believe their vision loss is causing struggles with everyday activity have the highest risk of suffering from cognitive decline and dementia.

That's almost certainly a sign that the problem isn't simply vision loss by itself.

It's uncorrected vision loss -- because if it were corrected, it wouldn't cause as many struggles with daily life.

So why don't people get it taken care of?

Some folks are too proud to wear glasses... some put off going to the eye doctor... and some are in denial.

And some are just plain AFRAID of corrective actions, such as cataract surgery.

Whatever the cause, the effect is the same: When your vision loss is so severe that it affects your day-to-day living, you end up losing more than your eyesight.

A s vision problems stop you from getting out, y ou can lose your social connections, especially if they prevent you from driving.

Everything from Bingo Night to coffee with friends to just being able to do your own shopping can plug you into the world around you and help keep your brain healthy as you get older.

When those social connections get unplugged, your gray matter loses power and could eventually go dark, as the new study shows.

Don't let your own eyesight fade. Take action to get it fixed ASAP, especially if the answer is something as simple as a new pair of glasses.

Even conditions such as macular degeneration can be stopped if you take action now.

I'll have more on a simple way to do just that coming up later today. Keep an eye out for this one!